Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Service Level Agreement will apply to you if you have registered for services with PoundHost and you are in good financial standing with us.

Every Dedicated and Co-located Server customer benefits from the following SLA guidelines.

Data Transmission SLA details including latency:

  • 99.9% SLA Uptime
  • < or = 40ms European latency
  • < or = 130ms USA latency
  • < 0.01% packet loss

As mentioned, our SLA base level is 99.9% uptime. Should the network fall below this level for any reason other than planned maintenance or network attacks, you will be entitled to an SLA Claim:

Should the network fall below the Uptime SLA set out below, WE will offer the following credits:

  • 99.81 to 99.9% = 5% monthly credit of the server affected
  • 95% to 99.8% = 10% monthly credit of the server affected
  • 90% to 94.9% = 25% credit of the server affected
  • 89.9% or below = 40% credit of the server affected

iSCSI Storage Service Level Agreement is 100% Uptime but applies only to YOU if YOU opt for 2-way replication. If the service fails at any time we will refund you 100% of that month's fees in respect of the iSCSI Service only. Customers with standard 1-way replication do not receive a SLA.

SLA Uptime is monitored on rolling monthly periods.

YOU need to claim witin 15 days of the failure. YOUR claim must be made by submitting a ticket thorugh the customer portal to our billing department, and the ticket must clearly show evidence of outage, date of outage, start time and end time. If a ticket has not been raised informing us about an outage, we are unable to process YOUR claim.