Our Control Panel

All PoundHost dedicated servers are managed using your customer portal - a single login to manage your billing, support tickets and server controls.

Take complete control of your server:

  • Bandwidth Graphs
  • Reboots, power on and off
  • OS installs
  • Backup allocation
  • IPv4 and IPv6 management
  • IP pool allocation and reverse DNS
  • Billing upgrades/downgrades

Optional Control Panels

  • Plesk Hide

    Plesk gives you a simple, browser-based interface to manage your Linux or Windows server. Role-based user accounts enable you to maintain a secure environment and limit resource usage, whether you are reselling or managing existing infrastructure.

    Ideal for Resellers:

    • Role based account access
    • Billing module, international language and tax support
    • User friendly tools for firewall and spam filtering control
    • Create hosting plans and sell web applications
    • Install and manage SSL certificates

    Ideal for Server Administrators:

    • Integrated server health monitoring and resource usage
    • Point and click interface to manage day-to-day tasks such as cron jobs, log rotation and package management
    • Full-featured API for integrating Plesk for system integration and task automation
    More Information on Parallels Plesk
  • cPanel/WHM Show

    cPanel is a very popular control panel, offering useful tools for both server administrators as well as website owners.

    cPanel is only available for Linux servers running CentOS.

    The cPanel/WHM Control Panel package provides you with tools for managing sites as well as the server itself.

    Ideal for Server Administrators and Resellers:

    • Full email management, including webmail, forwarding and spam filtering
    • Resource quotas and managements
    • SSL certificate management
    • Domain and DNS tools
    • Create, delete and edit website files
    • Easily suspend and terminate accounts
    • Firewall configuration
  • Webmin Show

    Webmin is a lightweight control panel that is ideal for administrators who prefer a point and click interface for managing their server.

    • Tools for every aspect of server administration, from GRUB configuration to disk management
    • Quickly create new user accounts, setup access control and manage resource quotas
    • Extensive tools for managing tunnels, proxies and network services
    • Easily configure and manage server applications such as Apache, MySQL and SSH
  • DirectAdmin Show

    DirectAdmin is a feature-rich control panel for managing multiple domains and associated email and hosting

    • Admin, reseller and client user access levels
    • Fully skinnable - ideal for resellers
    • Easy to use and fast
    • Manage multiple domains
    • Email setup